31st October 2008

Street Fighter II Skeleton Sprites

Some people have too much time on their hands. But others are busy busy busy collecting together the electrocuted skeleton sprites from Street Fighter II. You know, when Blanka shocks them.
See if you can guess which skeleton goes with which SFII character, and post your guesses in the comments! Winners will get nothing.

Street Fighter II Skeletons

[Via Tiny Cartridge]

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27th June 2008

We All Can Learn from the Knockoff Puffy E.T. Stickers

Puffy E.T. stickers
Puffy E.T. stickers

Okay, these cracked up my proverbial shit. Over at I Love This World, RenĂ© got these knockoff puffy E.T The Extra Terrestrial stickers for just $2 on eBay. $2! That’s what I call value. I mean, let’s take a look at these for a moment:

It all starts off as you might expect, with E.T. bopping merrily along in his glowy spaceship, apparently rocking out to some groovy tuneage on his totally boss headphones (with two antennae!).

Then, we learn that E.T. is a lefty, as he veges out in front of his favorite video game, with his unused right hand to his lips in pensive thought. But he doesn’t have the look of your standard tensed-up, video game-obsessed teen… no, his look is almost wistful, as if this game reminds him of a summer spent on the far side of his home planet… and he’s inspired to softly whistle a merry tune. I like this softer side of E.T.

Why, here’s another side of E.T. I like! It’s Get-Down Disco E.T.! He has got all the moves, and he wants you to come shake it with him! Come on, there’s a party in E.T.’s bathroom, and you’re invited! It’s BYOBathrobe, baby!

Whew! That’s quite a sweat we worked up, so now it’s time to get tidy. E.T. knows that all the good little boys & girls & whatevers need to scrub down, especially under their armpits.

Awwww… E.T. wants to show you his favorite panda. Hello, E.T.’s favorite panda! What a lucky panda you are to have such a friend.

HOLY CRAP. I’m sorry, I did not see this coming. The knockoff puffy sticker people killed E.T.! Or, at least hooked him up to some serious Muppet Labs-caliber equipment, so you know the best case scenario is that his head is going to explode.

Poor E.T. Such a fun-loving guy. Why couldn’t we just let him be? Why must we humans always kill what we do not understand? Thank you, knockoff puffy stickers, for showing me that sometimes an alien can be the better human. I am changed.

And now, I’m really, really wishing that I still had my E.T. latchwork pillow kit from when I was 8. Why-oh-why didn’t I find the wherewithal to finish it? I could be an eBay HUNDREDAIRE!

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24th April 2007

“I am 8 bit” art show

There’s a great set of 8 bit video game inspired art from an art show called “I am 8 bit” on Flickr. Check it out.

I am 8 bit

[via Wonderland]

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20th April 2007

The Art of The Girls

I stumbled upon The Girls Productions website quite a while ago and I instantly fell in love with their art style. They keep a blog where they keep us up to date about their new art, and they recently posted their Mario Bros. inspired piece for the I am 8 Bit show. Check out their blog and all their wonderful artwork!

I Am 8 Bit

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8th April 2007

Ancient Artifacts

Pac Man Skeleton

Rare fossils of the pellet-eating omnivore Homo pacius , commonly known as Pac Man. [Via gaygamer]

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2nd April 2007

8-bit Tie: From Joke to Reality

8bit tie

This started as an April Fool’s joke, but the 8bit tie was such a huge hit that ThinkGeek decided to start working on it as an actual product, according to Kotaku.

It’s an 8-bit graphic (think original Nintendo graphics) video game tie. I think it is seriously cool, and i want one, although I can’t think of an occasion in the past where I would have worn it if I had it. And yes, it’s a clip-on. As the article explains, you need it to be a clip-on to keep the pixelated look.

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23rd March 2007

Im In Ur Dungin, Steeling Ur Rupeez

Zelda kittah

I have a secret love for lolcats, even though I never use them myself. I Can Has Cheezburger has a ton of them “tagged for your convenience”. This Legend of Zelda kittah is so cute it makes me want to poke my eyes out. [via Kotaku]

mah camouflage iz workin

Here’s another one, because I am weak and cannot resist.

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21st March 2007

The Mii Lebowski

I don’t know who did this, but it’s nearly as good as the the fucking short version:

The Mii Lebowski

[via Defamer]

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19th March 2007

Protein Folding on the Sony PlayStation 3

Unless you’re playing Half-Life 2 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, your computer has times when it’s sitting partially or totally unused. That’s a shame, because there are some really worthwhile projects that could use some extra computing power. For years, there have been distributed computing projects that let you donate your unused computer time to various causes: SETI@Home was the real pioneer, and I ran that for some time, but in recent years, I’ve run software for protein folding.

Protein folding on the PS3
Protein folding on the PS3

Now comes another really cool advance in distributed computing: the use of video game consoles! The latest generation of video game consoles couple some pretty impressive computing power with an internet connection… that makes it a perfect resource to tap into. Stanford’s Folding@Home project has announced a client for the new Sony PlayStation 3. Since the PS3 has such great graphics capabilities, that means you can also watch Folding@Home in action in real time, and can see the 3D dimensions of the protein being folded. [via Kotaku]

After the jump, I’ll offer up my grossly oversimplified explanation of why protein folding is so important. Read on, if you’d like to know more…

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15th March 2007

Animated Pong T-shirt

Animated Ping Pong Shirt

The lame photo here does not do this justice. It’s an animated PONG T-shirt, The shirt takes batteries and the little paddles and ball bounce around on your chest. For guys it’s the perfect way to make sure you get your ass kicked and lunch money stolen. For girls it’s the perfect way to meet the level 12 Necromancer of your dreams. But hey, it sure looks cool. Check it out on ThinkGeek to see video of it in action. [Via Game|Life]

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