28th October 2008

Ray Bradbury and The Prunes Of Tomorrow

I want one of those wrinkle computers.

Apparently this is the handy work of Stan Freberg. Is he doing the voiceover? [via Martin]

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10th September 2008

All The Way To Banana Splitsville!

I recently discovered a few cool things.

1. There’s a Hard Rock theme park.

2. In said theme park is a section called Banana Splitsville.

Sadly there’s not much info or photos of it on the web yet, but apparently the Splits themselves perform there several times a day. Can anyone help me out?

Banana Splitsvile

3. The Ben & Jerry’s Banana Split ice cream changed their logo to something that does not infringe on the Splits. Hopefully photos will be coming soon. (thanks Humu for the tip!).

And perhaps a little less cool:

4. The Banana Splits have updated their website, and recorded new videos and songs, which are on sale on iTunes, if you’re so inclined!. Sadly, they sound nothing like their old selves.

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29th April 2008

Page Miss Glory Cartoon

“Here comes Miss Glory!” popped into my head last night, and I had to seek this old cartoon out. I have vivid memories of this cartoon as a wee lad; it was one of my favorites. What I did not have any memory of was the copious amount of boozing, stripping and fine moderne art deco design throughout it.

They don’t make cartoons like they used to.

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17th March 2008

Hervé Villechaize Memorial Park

Smiles, everyone… smiles!

Herve Villechaize Memorial Park
Hervé Villechaize Memorial Park

About this time last year, I learned about Portland’s Mill Ends Park, which is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the World’s Smallest Park. Frankly, I think that’s horseshit. Mills End is a massive expanse of an entire two feet in diameter, a pastoral paradise of gargantuan proportions, a wasteful use of Portland’s finite downtown real estate.

The park, it is so wee!
The park, it is so wee!

Today’s cosmopolitan lifestyle demands a more aggressive approach to public greenspaces. My contribution: Hervé Villechaize Memorial Park. Hervé Villechaize Memorial Park is situated on a sunny 2″ (inches! eat that, Portland!) diameter patch of land in a back parking lot at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center in Menlo Park, California. Where Mill Ends Park has leprechauns, Hervé Villechaize Memorial Park has hobos, and occasionally a jug band.

I think Hervé would be proud (even though his park does get run over by a car every now & then).

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14th February 2008

Lidsville Opening & Closing Themes

I have a weak spot for all the Sid & Marty Kroftt shows, and kids Tee Vee in general, but the theme song to Lidsville is extra special cool. I think it a bit like Jellyfish. And I really dig how the music changes from bubble gum to popcorn-like when they get into Lidsville.

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2nd February 2008

EPCOT Souvenir Video Circa 1982

Who wouldn’t want to visit EPCOT after seeing this official take-home video?

“Massive. Wedge shaped. Practical.”

Part 1

Part 2

[Via Epcot Central]

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14th January 2008

Mystery! Opening

Delirium was talking about the PBS show Mystery and her comment unearthed vague, uneasy memories of the animated opening on the show. She informed me it was done by the macabre illustrator Edward Gorey. I remember as a tyke, being transfixed with nervousness every time my parents tuned in to to watch Mystery. Of course, Youtube has the opening. I’m ascared.

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8th December 2007

The Mr. Belvedere Fun Kit

It’s true — if you wanted to have fun while watching Mr. Belvedere, you needed a kit to assist you. I want one. If you listen closely you can hear a rockin’ instrumental cover of Leon Redbone’s Mr. Belvedere theme song.


[via Humuhumu, and Defamer]

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9th November 2007

Tiki Central’s San Francisco Tiki Crawl is being webcast live

If you’re in the San Francisco area, come out and join us for Tiki Central’s 7th Annual Tiki Bar Crawl. And if you’re not in the San Francisco area, watch it live on our mobile webstream, 3:30pm – late on Friday, 2:00pm – really late on Saturday, and 3:00pm till evening on Sunday.

Details available on tikiweekend.com!

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8th July 2007

Who Knew Gwen Verdon Had the Bootyquake?

Gwen Verdon was ahead of her time: here she is with two dancers, performing a Bob Fosse-choreographed routine on the Ed Sullivan show, to Unk’s 2006 crunkular odyssey, “Walk it Out.”

Okay, okay, the original song was “Mexican Breakfast,” and is equally awesome. But it’s uncanny, no?

It took me well into my second viewing to realize she has sunglasses lurking deep in that ‘fro.

[via Perez Hilton]

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