29th May 2008

Real Life WALL-E Robot

If you know we well, you know I loves me some robots. This is just too cool — a real life robot of the new Pixar character, Wall-E. I’ve not listened to the audio of the clip yet (but I read it’s a bit awkward) but I really love the look of the character as a real life robot.

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  1. 1 On February 26th, 2011, ivey said:

    i watched the video above
    and its so cool.but i saw on answers.com
    that this person took him in their house.
    do you know how he must feel away from home?.
    a robot away from home must not enjoy being with a human.
    it must range along the town,and if people see him and try
    to take him they should keep him for the people to see
    then let it go.other wise thell be sad and unhappey.
    it must be with its old family once it finds them.
    it might be wishing to go back home.not kept
    in a robot takers hands.of corse people like having a movie star in their house,but think of how much the robot
    thinks about home and being a one and only robot
    outside n the world.think about it!!!!!!!!!!!!.
    it must be so sad right now.so if it was you,not to hurt
    feelings though,you need to let wall-e go.and i know he’s
    cute and cuddley,but thats not what he thinks.he thinks of the old life and the old life befor you took him in your hands. and if you didn’t take him to you house,then id consiter finding the person that did and telling him what
    i said here.and theyed probley give wall-e back to where he was befor that happened. for more questions or answers email me at the email above. good luck.