27th February 2008

The Lonely Hunter

By my friend Graham Annable. Check out all his inspired animation on the Grickle Channel.

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14th February 2008

Lidsville Opening & Closing Themes

I have a weak spot for all the Sid & Marty Kroftt shows, and kids Tee Vee in general, but the theme song to Lidsville is extra special cool. I think it a bit like Jellyfish. And I really dig how the music changes from bubble gum to popcorn-like when they get into Lidsville.

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12th February 2008

Digital Accordion

Just when you thought accordions couldn’t get any nerdier:

Digital Accordion

This would be perfect for Kraftwerk to do a cover of Lady Of Spain

The Amazing Ultra-Light V-Accordion

The FR-2 V-Accordion offers the incredible digital advantages of Roland’s Physical Behavior Modeling technology, providing true tone and characteristics of the world’s best accordions, but they are significantly lighter than previous models. Perfect for students, stage keyboard players, and traveling musicians.

* Piano-type keyboard
* PBM (Physical Behavior Modeling) enables the true tone and expressive characteristics of the world’s finest accordions
* Additional sounds onboard, including piano, organ and strings
* Eight user programs for instant storage andrecall of your favorite settings
* Lightweight for young students and travelingperformers
* Pad function for triggering percussion sounds and rhythms
* Song function for “minus one” play-along fun
* Battery powered for convenience and portability

Check it out on Roland’s Website.

[via Engadget]

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5th February 2008

Nick Pitera sings a duet with himself

Every moment red letter.

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2nd February 2008

EPCOT Souvenir Video Circa 1982

Who wouldn’t want to visit EPCOT after seeing this official take-home video?

“Massive. Wedge shaped. Practical.”

Part 1

Part 2

[Via Epcot Central]

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