17th October 2007

Apple’s ’80s Corporate Kool-Aid

“We Are Apple,” uploaded by adiblasi

So, I broke down and bought an iPhone (about 20 minutes after the price drop was announced) — my first purchase of an Apple product. I didn’t even have an iPod, that’s how out if it I’ve been. Of course, now I’ve drunk the Apple Kool-Aid, and I think this phone is the greatest thing since, I dunno, the Newton. It’s fab (especially now that we’ll get some legit third-party apps soon). But this video is fabber.

Make it Happen
Make it Happen

This has been kicking around in low-quality form for awhile, but this version was uploaded to YouTube by someone who was at the video’s original mid-’80s presentation, and he had a high-quality copy. He says:

[W]hen I saw this ‘live’ at the Mac introduction, we, as Apple Dealers, all LAUGHED OUR ASSES OFF at time marker 02:47 – when the guy carried a 60 pound LISA computer under his arm like it was a laptop!

What I really want to know is — where did this wooden sign wind up? I hope it’s still up in someone’s cube in Cupertino.

There are currently 2 responses to “Apple’s ’80s Corporate Kool-Aid”

  1. 1 On October 18th, 2007, cynfulcynner said:

    The disparate worlds of Apple Computer and “Flashdance” will now be forever linked in my mind.

  2. 2 On October 21st, 2007, cleen said:

    i may be completely mistaken, but that guy holding the apple sign looks exactly like my across the street neighbor growing up. and im pretty sure he worked either at apple or sun microsystems.