8th July 2007

Who Knew Gwen Verdon Had the Bootyquake?

Gwen Verdon was ahead of her time: here she is with two dancers, performing a Bob Fosse-choreographed routine on the Ed Sullivan show, to Unk’s 2006 crunkular odyssey, “Walk it Out.”

Okay, okay, the original song was “Mexican Breakfast,” and is equally awesome. But it’s uncanny, no?

It took me well into my second viewing to realize she has sunglasses lurking deep in that ‘fro.

[via Perez Hilton]

There are currently 7 responses to “Who Knew Gwen Verdon Had the Bootyquake?”

  1. 1 On July 9th, 2007, MrBaliHai said:

    I wonder if Gwen and her dancers got rug burns from those polyester outfits?

  2. 2 On July 14th, 2007, Baked Pajamas said:

    WOW…that is so strange.

    Because this is not only how I dance, but how I walk down the street as well.

    So in your face other pedestrians, here comes the Baked one…

  3. 3 On August 2nd, 2007, Anetra said:

    Thanks for the additional info on Gwen Verdon and the origin of this video. I love it! :D

  4. 4 On August 8th, 2007, whitewoman said:

    Oh my god! I watched it about eight times. I even looked up Gwen Verdon and Bob Fosse. They were married until she left him for his infidelities… who could cheat on that booty? Granted, if they only had “Mexican Breakfast” to hump to, I can see why they drifted apart.

  5. 5 On August 23rd, 2007, MoonTedda said:

    Does it seem strange to anyone else that “Walk It Out” actually fits better?

  6. 6 On August 28th, 2007, LiLi said:

    Yeah so i watch this video like 3-6 times everyday. It puts a smile on my face. A great way to start the day. The dance definatly fits better to “Walk It Out”. The changes from the courus to verse to riffs. its freakin perfect. Kudos to Gwen and her girls. They definatly walk it out. She was in over 15 movies and like 7 theater shows.

  7. 7 On November 30th, 2007, chaleDlux said:

    so fucking lovely…