13th June 2007

Mona Said, I Wanna Leave Bennigan’s

Pearl Jam’s “Yellow Ledbetter” lyrics, revealed at last. Potato wave, my friends…

Make me fries.

[via Dlisted]

There are currently 4 responses to “Mona Said, I Wanna Leave Bennigan’s”

  1. 1 On June 18th, 2007, Tiki-Kate said:

    This was actually the first time I’ve ever enjoyed Pearl Jam.

    Potato wave indeed.

  2. 2 On June 24th, 2007, chongolio said:

    pure genius! However I would like a whale in a box and a bag

  3. 3 On July 17th, 2007, Bill said:

    Looks like The Mondegreens have a new song to learn!!!

  4. 4 On July 21st, 2007, Baked Pajamas said:

    I just “knew” they said “make me fries”.