22nd May 2007

Gallery of Pocky

Men's Pocky

How many kinds of Pocky do you think there is? 5 or 6? Try more like fifteen. No, wait, scratch that. Try more like ninety-four. With flavors like Choco-Banana Pocky, Sweet Potato Pocky, and even the mysterious Fortune-telling Grape Pocky, Jelly Bellies don’t have shit on Pocky. Check them all out at the Gallery of Pocky. [Via Deus Ex Machina]

There are currently 2 responses to “Gallery of Pocky”

  1. 1 On May 23rd, 2007, virani said:

    there’s only one : Pockytiki !

  2. 2 On May 23rd, 2007, Johnnie Velour said:

    94 flavors and no Lychee?