16th March 2007

Introducing … the Luie-matic 5000

Because the POWER of Luie Luie’s liner notes is just too overwhelming to the average unsuspecting Junkyard Clubhouse frequenter … we have DISTILLED its power into digestable, bite-sized quotes of WISDOM that will change DAILY. And change you daily.

Yes, every day at midnight the Luie-matic 5000 will pick a random sentence from off the back cover of the “Creator of TOUCHY” album and serve it up in a little box on the left-hand sidebar on JYC. Included with the quote is the paragraph and sentence number where the quote appears, if you’d like to see it in context. Not that you’d need to, because just about every sentence is, in and of itself, unfiltered magical brilliance.

We hope that by displaying a random quote daily, you’ll be seduced slowly by these affirmative truisms that remind you that the Power of Touch and the Power of Music is indeed powerful power. If you think you can handle it check out the entire transcription. You’ll be glad you did. Otherwise, check our sidebar for this little daily gift.

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