16th March 2007

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day from JYC!

A leprechaun bit us in the butt today, and we’ve got the Saint Patrick’s Day fever but good.

Mmm... Irishy!
Mmm… Irishy!
A wee bit o' garlic

We found these in a little grocery store in Downieville, California. Downieville is so small that even the people who live there have never heard of it. Anyway, we spied these sitting in the deli case, and did a spit-take. Because nothing says “Irish” like a cartoon shamrock, a liberal use of “o’”, and “a wee bit o’ garlic!”

Speaking of liberal uses of “o’”, meet Uncle O’Grimacey:

If that doesn’t make you want a Shamrock Shake… you’re in good company.

We’re cooking up our St. Paddy’s plans — Hanford’s 100% Irish, and I’m 0%, so he’s in charge. I’ll just be happy if I can get some corned beef & soda bread. And maybe a Shamrock Shake.

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